She’s Been Cheated by Jack Ma for 14 Years

She’s been cheated by Jack Ma for 14 years. The lady in the picture with Jack Ma is Tong Wenhong. She joined Alibaba 16 years ago as a receptionist. When Jack Ma was allocating company shares, he gave Tong 0.2% shares right saying it will worth 100 billion when Alibaba goes public into the market later. He asked her to just stay in the company, don’t change to other companies and she will get 100 million when Alibaba goes public.

Tong waited years after years but Alibaba never went public. She asked Jack when will Alibaba go public in 2004 and Jack said soon. She asked again in 2006 and Jack said soon, again. However she never saw it happen and never got the 100 million.

When Alibaba finally went public in the New York Stock Exchange in September 2014, it was worth 245.7 billion. Tong, the former senior receptionist, current Vice President of Alibaba, became a millionaire from a receptionist with 320 million worth.

Can you stay in a company for 14 years? When the founder is still fighting tirelessly, who are you to complain as a follower? They said to succeed you must be down to earth, never be eager for quick benefits.

If you’re sure that there’s water down the well, put all your effort and time at this location. We would rather dig a well with 10 years time than to dig 10 pits in one year time.
Stay hungry, for victory.

@grupTele, 25122018

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